Saturday, April 11, 2009

Samsung Omnia i900

Some introduction bout Samsung Omnia:

The Samsung SGH-i900, also known as Omnia or WiTu (in Russia only), is a new mobile phone being released by Samsung Mobile. Announced in June 2008, the Omnia was launched in Singapore in mid-June, available in stores on the 20th, and in the rest of Asia in July. For some parts of Europe, it was launched in August. The North American version launched in December through Verizon Wireless.
Based on the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, this phone is Samsung's attempt to cash in on the new touchscreen mobile phone market, where phones like the iPhone and HTC Touch Diamond have already made a strong presence. The phone was expected to retail in the U.K. market for around £500 on its release.
The Samsung Omnia comes with the following applications preinstalled to make its GUI and its functions distinguishable from other Windows Mobile 6–based smartphones:
* Samsung Today Screen 1 (alternative home screen UI)* Samsung Today Screen 2 (similiar to Samsung Today Screen 1)* Samsung Touch Wiz UI (alternative application menu with a widget bar and widgets)
All these applications have the ability to be controlled by sliding the finger across the screen. The third Today Screen has gained interest because of its control method. It uses about a fourth of the screen on the left side to hold a bar of widgets that can be scrolled up and down. The rest of the screen is customizable, as widgets can be pulled out of the sidebar and onto the main screen to be expanded for quick use.
The telephone's marketing campaign was noteworthy because of an attempt viral video posted on YouTube where unboxing the phone leads to a parade of tiny people accompanied by a fanfare presenting the phone.

Korean edition (T*Omnia)
SK Telecom and Samsung announced a Korean edition of Samsung Omnia, T*Omnia or SCH-M490. T is a brand name marketed by SK Telecom. The hardware has been upgraded to have a 3.3-inch Wide VGA(800*480) LCD and a PXA312 CPU that automatically overclocks up to 806 Mhz. An S-DMB tuner has replaced the TV-out and FM tuner. The 4 GB version(SCH-M490) is priced at KRW 968,000, and the 16 GB(SCH-M495) at KRW 1,078,000 including 10% VAT.

Japanese edition (930SC)
In Japan, SoftBank Mobile announced that the Samsung Omnia will be sold as 930SC in November 2008. However, it adopted the proprietary operating system instead of Windows Mobile. It has a 3.3-inch Wide VGA LCD and 1seg tuner, but GPS has been excluded. It is also available for SoftBank Mobile's own mobile Internet service.

North American edition (SGH-i910)
The Samsung Omnia has been released under the version name SGH-i910 in North America, with Verizon Wireless as the network operator. The SGH-i910 has a speaker on the back and also has added CDMA and also left the GSM radio for roaming. The SGH-i910 also has no front-facing camera. The SGH-i910 still runs Windows Mobile 6.1 along with some added software such as Visual Voicemail. All other features stay the same as the SGH-i900.The North American version of the phone uses the same 624MHz chip used by other versions. This has been confirmed by numerous North American users through the "settings" menu on the Omnia.

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